members of the confederation

Organization Name: members of the confederation

This confederation is formed by tens of furoms and institutions as members , some of which are listed below :

1.    Association of Companies holding Standard with 946 members
2.    Association of Producers of Iran Oil Industry equipments with 600 members
3.    Association of Construction Companies with 186 members
4.    Association of IranTechnical and engineering services exporters with 263 members
5.    Association of Iran leather Industries with 500 members
6.    Association of Iran Paint and Rezin Producers with 40 members
7.    Association of Home Appliances with 160 members
8.    Association of Iran Textiles Industries
9.    Association of Industry Managers with 400 members
10.     Association of Iran Quality Management with 348 members
11.     Association of Sailing and the related services with 182 members
12.    The Guild Association of Direction of Constructors  of Consumer Gas equipments and replacing feul with 25 members
13.    The Guild Association of Direction of Distributors of Gas with 63 members
14.    The Guild Association of Direction of Casting Industry with 81 members
15.    The Guild Association of Oil Extraction with 28 members
16.    The Guild Association of Contractor companies of Iran Industrial Equipments with 187 members
17.    The Guild Association of Biscuit ad Cookies and chocolates Industries with 276 members
18.    The Association of Iran and other Countries mutual investments with 40 members
19.    Association of Cellulose and health Industries with 56 members
20.    The Guild Association of Iran Washing , health and make up Industries with 90 members
21.    The Guild Association of Medical,Dental,and Lab Producers Industries with 200 members
22.    The Guild Association of Executive and Technical Managers with 300 members
23.    The Guild Association of Polimer and Chemical Engineering with 250 members
24.    Center of Iran Engineering Design and Assembly Design with 198 members
and tens of other associations .
It must be mentioned that members of some institutions that are Industry Confederation member are mostly individuals . For example : Association of Industry Managers(with 2,500members),Association of Iran Mechanic Engineers(1,500members),Association of Iran Human Resources management(1,508individuals),Association of Iran Economists(300members),Association of Polimer and Chemical Engineers(200individuals),etc.
One point is necessary to mention that according to Iran Census Center in 2012 ,There was  14,784 industrial workshops with at least 10 workers or higher (with 1,204,699workers) from which more than 10,000 industrial workshops are Iran Industrial Confederation members now(ignoring sum of this figure for overlaps).In other words,over 67% of industrial workshops with 10 or over 10 workers are now  Confederation of Iranian Industry, and this shows how important this huge institution is.