About Iran and its industry

About Iran and its industry

A glance at historical and cultural qualities of Iran

A)    It has one of the most longstanding cultures
B)    Interacting with other cultures is embedded in its culture
C)    Iranians are always open to negotiation, even during wartime, as an outcome of the maturity of the Iranian culture
D)    Iran is clearly in modernity era

Iran’s economy today:
(With emphasis on some characteristics):
1- Iran’s economy has skyrocketed after the successful negotiations between Iran and 5+1  and the lifting off the sanctions. According to IMF its economic growth in  2016  will reach 4.5%. Considering the decrease in the price of oil, it is an indicator that Iran’s economy is parting from its dependence on oil.
2- According to stimate of IMF, inflation rate in Iran in the current year is 9.2%.
3- Some of the industrial sections in Iran have continued to be the most prominent industries in the Middle-East notwithstanding the pressure over the past 4 decades, the 8-year imposed war, and the economic sanctions.
4-The industry owes its survival to its relative independence, scientific advancements, young efficient labor market, and outstanding Iranian cultural figures.
5- In some purviews Iranian experts are internationally recognized, including NANO (Iran’s world’s ranking is 7).

Some pluses:

1) Iran’s geo-strategical, and geo-political situation makes it a 2-way interaction gate into Central Asia, Caucasus, and the market in the east and west.  
 2) Iran is not merely an 80-million market, but rather a 300-million one considering countries close to Iran which are willing to interact with the world.
3) Iran is the most secure country in the Middle-East  and North Africa(MENA)which makes the aforementioned interaction much convenient.
4) Iran stand well above the average in 4 purviews: Science, human development, environmental participations, and competitiveness.
5) Almost 3000 companies are actively working on knowledge base   in Iran.

A few points about Industry in Iran and cooperation with it:

*    Industry makes up one third of Iran’s GDP (37.7%)which makes it the second biggest section wherein over a million are employed.
*    Iran had had a developing trend in many sections of industry such as pharmaceutical industry, home appliances, electrical devices, and more.
*    Having produced 23 billion dollars worth of industrial products,Iran in ranked 39 globally, the pressure of sanctions in 2015 notwithstanding.
*    The labor market is well prepared for active presence and cooperation in a myriad of purviews; The pertinent rules do concord with the needs in most cases, and in the other few are flexible.
*    Investment, transferring technology, cooperation with foreign companies to pursue production and export, are all considered the mutual desired goals for the public and the private sectors.
*     Iran’s industry sector is willing to provide foreign investors with easy cooperation.
*    Foreign investments in areas such as oil, gas, and non renewable energies have eminence among the private sector’s targets.

The confederation  of Iranian Industry at a glance:

*    Pursuing the   national and industrial interests of Iran, the confederation explores the possible shortcomings to have them improved, assists the Iranian companies to build up a relationship with their international counterparts, and also keeps Iranian industries abreast of the advancements in industry.
*    The confederation   iterates its willingness to assist foreign investors in order to access Iran’s market.
*    Eliminating the deterrents in production and overcoming the obstacles pertinent to application of regulations are considered among the confederation’s top priorities.
*The confederation of Iranian industry is comprised of tens associations and nearly 11 thousand companies such as:
1.    Association of Producers of Iran Oil Industry equipments with 600 members
2.    Association of Construction Companies with 186 members
3.    Association of Iran Technical and engineering services exporters with 263 members
4.    Association of Iran leather Industries with 500 members
5.    Association of Iran Paint and Rezin Producers with 40 members
6.    Association of Home Appliances with 160 members
7.    Association of Iran Textiles Industries with 400 members
8.    Association of Industry Managers with 2500 members
9.     Association of Iran Quality Management with 370 members
10.   Association of contractors companies of Iran Industrial equipments with 187 members
11.    The Guild association of Direction of Casting Industry with 81 members
12.    Association of Shipping and dependent services
And tens of other associations.

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