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Although institutions , constitutions , and union forums had been formed years ago , the requirement of an institution that could collect opinions of all beneficiaries to organize and respond industry in a macro scale , entrepreneurs , and economic authirities requirements , was strongly required . The concept of forming a such constitution had conquerred the mind of several entrepreneurs and economic authorities of the private sector till call day of industry on june 30th 1997 , a founder party of industry elites attempted to establish the mentioned institution . The founder party plenum was held in Azadi Augeust 28, 2000 welcoming the deputies of 60 big industry associations some of which had fifty years of experience , with thousands of members ; and started to work legally on sep 4th, 2001 once the the work permission of Confederation of Iran Industry was issued by Ministry of interior . The institute took up its job with the following objectives and trends

  • To help Iran industry improve and increase the role and share of industry in production , employment , national revenue , social welfare , and to protect our environment .
  • To help improve social understanding of industry role to empower economic , political , social , scientific , technological , and defensive structures of the country .
  • To help increase the role and position of Iran economy in global scale , and to increase the influentail presence and profitable export of Iran industrial products and technical and engineering services in international markets , and make the best use of international relationhips to strengthen the country industrial ,scientific , and technological power .
  • To help empower association formation in the society and achieve constitutions' participation to recognize , plan , and implement policies , strategies , and the composition of economic , social , and cultural development plans in the country .
  • To try to deligate authorization of governmental organizations to industrial , scientific , professional and associations in planning and executive issues .
  • To develop the private sector and strengthen their role in the national economy and their active participation in assigning and achieving the objectives in the socio-economic and cultural plans of the country .

  • To try to make the best use of available sources considering the future generations requirements  of the country .