Participating in economic development of the country through empowering , extention , and development of the national industry and supply an environment in which industrial , union , professional , and scientific associations have a more constructive role in improving and amending job conditions and life quality for the people in the society .


Critical values and principal beliefs , are characters and behavioral norms that make motives , and decision making criteria, and alter organisational culture in Confederation, and it is expected that all members and beneficiaries will be bound to them executing visions and approaches and display sufficient commitment . These beliefs are as follows :


    Supply the information members and beneficiaries require.

    Active approach to respond members and beneficiaries' complaints.

    Commitment and Fidelity

    Members and the staff and executives are required to display commitment to Confederation regulations.

    To accomplish tasks on time.

    Cooperation and Concord

    Accomplishments must fulfill interests and requirements of all Confederation beneficiaries.

    Decisions must be clear and fair.

    Comprehensiveness and Independence in giving opinions

    Respect to others opinions and attempt to achieve a Consensus

    Consider National Interests and Increase Social Benefits


Confederation will be A Data Center in a way that industrial policy making in the absence of participation of Confederation will impossible . This vision will be achieved by focusing on the following strategic subjects :

    To change to a sustainable organization through obtaining an optimal financing system

    To create and maintain relationships , copperation , and influential partnershipsin and out of the country

    To create a Think Tank and Center of industry/economy professional experts.

    Leadership in creating and developing company leadership , social responsibility and business ethics

    Membership admittance in large scale and expantion of the Confederation members circle

Member of board
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